Back Off! – Energy Spray

Need a quick energetic cleanse that can also repel those bad vibes?  Back Off! is an energy spray specially formulated to cleanse and repel negative energy while protecting you by keeping it at bay.

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This magickal mix works as the perfect jerk repellent with a complex blend of herbs, oils and crystals, including rosemary, dragons blood and frankincense!

Hold bottle 10-12 inches away from you and spray toward your body (avoiding the face) or across your body and pulling it into you.

**sold as curio**

2 reviews for Back Off! – Energy Spray

  1. Karen

    You can tell that Kyra puts genuine energy work into these products. It’s the first product I tried and it works wonders for me. I love to keep it in my purse at all times, especially to ward away angry drivers!

  2. Pearl

    I love love love this spray, it works 100% , I am so happy with this priduct. And will continue to buy from Routine-Rituals. Thank you so much 🖤

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